Dermal Fillers



Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Firstly, Dermal fillers help to restore youthful volume and diminish facial lines by hydrating soft tissue areas such as the cheeks, nose, and jawline. By erasing wrinkles and contouring the skin, Filler brings definition to these areas, while also plumping up lips, elevating eyebrows, and smoothing out the forehead for an overall younger appearance, more energized appearance.

Suitable For:

Enhancement of shallow contours


We lose a layer of tissue immediately beneath the skin called subcutaneous fat as we age. This causes the natural volume of the face to diminish, also making wrinkles more apparent due to facial muscles sitting closer to the skin.
Basically, dermal fillers contain a natural complex sugar found in all living cells called hyaluronic acid (HA) which helps to retain water. The treatment is administered to the face via injection and works despite targeting the protective layer of tissue. Above the subcutaneous fat – known as the dermis to help attract water, hydrate the skin, and increase the volume and density of the face.


Results are noticeable immediately with visibly fuller lips, cheeks, smoother skin, and a more defined jawline depending on the area of treatment. So, The treatment generally takes no more than an hour and you can return to your normal routine the same day. However, we do not recommend strenuous exercise, sun exposure, or saunas for a while after the filler injections.


usually, the lasting period for dermal fillers is between 6 to 8 months depending on your own personal lifestyle

Each person has a unique threshold for pain and discomfort. Our team of experts are highly-trained and skilled to to make each patient’s experience as comfortable as possible.

dermal fillers are used to fill in areas where there is a loss of volume or definition like the lips , the jaw line, and the temples, it could also be used to remove the neck lines

the dermal fillers are mostly safe, however some mild side effects might occur such as redness and mild swelling, therefore, you should follow the post-care instructions provided by your doctor to avoid any possible major complications