Scalpy Technique




Perhaps what many women suffer from the most these days are various hair problems, which lose the appearance of fine and beautiful hair. Among the most important of these problems: the problem of hair loss and oily hair …. and other various problems. As a result, the famous Dr. Ahmad had his view on these problems, and he recently invented a new and unique technique, which leads to the solution and disposal of these problems, and he named it the SCALPY technique for treating hair problems.

Causes of hair loss problem and risk factors:
The most common hair problem is hair loss, as nearly 50% of women suffer from it. The causes of this problem and the risk factors behind it may vary, including:

  • Genetic causes.
  • Hairstyles harsh and harmful to the roots of the hair.
  • Low-vitamin diet or strict diet in order to lose weight quickly.
  • Taking certain medications and nutritional supplements, or exposure to toxic substances for hair such as chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Exposure to severe stress, constant tension and poor psychological state.
  • Thyroid diseases and disorders.
  • Pregnancy, old age, menopause, or taking birth control pills, due to hormonal changes in these cases.
  • Infection with some skin diseases of an immune nature, such as alopecia.

Because of the embarrassment caused by the increased greasy fur and oily hair, many women try to wash their hair on a daily basis, and sometimes more than once a day, thus increasing the use of hair cleaners and dryers, and all of this leads to an increase in hair loss and weakening of the hair more and more.

Features of SCALPY Hair Treatment Technology:
By merging several formulations and materials with each other under certain and universal conditions, Dr. Ahmad Al Machhour was able to invent this new technique, and obtain a special special formula that can be described as β€œmagical” in the treatment of oily hair problems. The SCALPY technique for treating hair problems is characterized as a very simple and safe technique, and it was able to treat more than 90% of oily hair problems. The technique has no side effects, complications or risks. It is performed by the famous Dr. Ahmad in his private clinic, as it is performed without anesthesia or sometimes under light local anesthesia.
The duration of the session is about 10-15 minutes, and after completion, the patient can return directly to her home and continue her daily activities. After preparing the patient well, Dr. Ahmad performs several injections of this new formula into specific points on the scalp that he had previously identified. The amount injected and the areas injected are related to several factors that your doctor determines prior to the injection.
Another advantage of the SCALPY hair treatment technology is that its results are immediate, visible soon after the end of the session. These results are semi-permanent, and the patient may need to perform several other sessions later in order to obtain better and long-term results.
This amazing and wonderful technique gives you beautiful and attractive hair, which in turn is reflected on your face to look more beautiful and radiant as well, thus your confidence and beauty will increase because you will get rid of a problem that you have suffered for a long time, and you have tried many other ineffective treatments without getting any real results.

Who is the famous Dr. Ahmad who invented the SCALPY technique to treat hair problems?
Dr. Ahmad Al MachhourΒ  is a Syrian doctor who specializes in dermatology and cosmetology. His clinic is located in Dubai. Dr. Ahmed is known for his extensive and elaborate experience in the world of cosmetics, and the results he has achieved are the best proof of his unique skill. In his clinic, the doctor performs all cosmetic procedures according to international principles and standards, uses the best and safest cosmetic materials at all, and works to innovate the best cosmetic methods and means that achieve the best results. Patients’ satisfaction with its results and creativity was very great, which made him widely known throughout the Arab world.