open eye technique

Many people suffer from a problem that appears to be normal and does not need any treatment. The thing is, They don’t like closing their eyes when they laugh. When some laugh, their eyes may appear closed or small, causing discomfort or embarrassment in front of people. Some live with this problem, and do nothing to get rid of it. But it may be, as we mentioned, a source of inconvenience to some others. Therefore, the famous Dr. Ahmed had his view on this situation. He recently invented a new unique and distinctive technique. It leads to the solution and disposal of this problem, which is the Open Eye Technique with Botulinum toxin.

Features of open eye technique using Botulinum toxin:

The open eye technique using Botulinum toxin is a very simple and safe technique, without any side effects or risks. It is performed by the famous Dr. Almachhour in his private clinic. It is performed under light local anesthesia to avoid feeling the slight pain of the injection needle prick.
The duration of the procedure is about 10-15 minutes. After completion, the patient can return directly to her home and continue her daily activities. The doctor first cleans and sterilizes the skin well. After that performs several injections of Botulinum toxin at specific points under the skin that he previously identified. There are several factors that determine how much Botulinum toxin is injected and where it is injected.
The open eye techniqueΒ using Botulinum toxin also has the advantage of providing immediate results. The results last about 4-6 months on average. After this period, the technique can be repeated to obtain better and long-term results.
In conclusion, This amazing technology gives you a more beautiful smile. It shows the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes and restores your confidence in yourself. It gets rid of the embarrassment caused by the problem of small or closed eyes.

Open Eye Technique
Open Eye Technique
Open Eye Technique