Lip Filler

Lip filler

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are injections that enhance lip to shape volume and definition. The injections are generally composed of hyaluronic acid which are natural chemical produced naturally in our body.
Typically, lip fillers lasts from 4 month to 1 year and can be easily dissolvable if results are not to expectations.
Lip Beautification often referred to as β€œLip Fillers” is the commonest non-surgical treatment. Lip fillers give you the perfect way to add extra volumes of plumpness to the lips. If your lips lack the shape or elasticity. Cultural trends have shifted towards more plump and voluptuous lips causing the growth in lip fillers over recent years.

Indications for filling lines and creases include Frown lines

  • Nose to mouth lines
  • Lips (for fullness)
  • Hollow cheeks

Enhance your lips’ natural shape and plumpness to achieve the look you’ve always wanted with Lip Filler treatment at skin.

Are Lip Filler painful?

Discomfort will be minimized with numbing cream. However, certain areas may still be sensitive. Dr Al Machhour will take every effort to keep the discomfort to minimal levels.

What are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

So, you might be wondering what are the benefits of lip fillers? Apart from making your lips plumper and bigger, lip filler offers these benefits as well.

1. Lip filler enhances your lips. Thus, your lips will look natural as it follows the natural shape of the lips.

2. Primarily, lip filler is beneficial to reverse the signs of ageing. Hence, it makes your skin lips more moisturized and younger.

3. It may shock you but actually lip filler keeps your lips hydrated. Lip filler that contains hyaluronic acid can increase the skin moisture level. So, bid your goodbye to chapped lips!

4. Most of you might be unsure of its safety, but rest assured as lip filler is completely safe when administered by a licensed aesthetic doctor

5. Lip filler does not only enhance your image but also improve your confidence. There is nothing wrong with feeling good the way you look.

Are there any side effect?

As the lips are usually more sensitive compared to other parts of the face, slight swelling can be expected for 2-4 days post procedure. Β Some possible side effects include slight bruising or needle marks. These effects if occurs, usually dissipate quickly.

Fuller, sexy lips can now be a reality with just a few simple injections.

Lip filler
Lip filler